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The Future is Green

Ranipur Biomass Private Limited (RBL) is established by Ranipur Sugar Mills (RSM) directors to add value to the agri-value chain with the help of products such as bagasse, cotton stalk & other biodegradable materials.

The company plans to set up a 3-5 ton biomass pulp mill in 2023, due to increasing demand for biodegradable products across the globe. This expansion will reduce post-harvest smog in Pakistan and create economic activity in 400 villages of the Khairpur District, engaging 1,089 farm owners and 6,250 farmhands.

Ranipur Biomass Limited is positioned to assist its sugarcane farmers and their communities in recovering from the losses caused by the recent Monsoon floods. Fortunately, in Khairpur, the sugarcane on 20,000 hectares has survived bearing a crop loss of less than 15%, but their other crops have been destroyed.

RBL enables the farmers to participate in the value chain which ensures the sustainability of their livelihoods. Shunaid Qureshi is an experienced successful entrepreneur who has a number of greenfield and brownfield projects to his credit such as setting up of a sugar mill and an ethanol distillery in Mirpur Khas.


Reduce, reuse, recycle, restore - Biodegradable products are made from natural materials that can be broken down, decomposed and returned to the environment by natural processes. This helps to reduce waste and promote a green environment while decreasing the need for synthetic materials.

Sugarcane Bagasse

Producing biodegradable packaging materials such as paper or cellulose-based wraps and bags and reducing the need for non-renewable fossil fuels.

Cotton Stalk

Cotton stalk is converted into a sustainable source of energy through biomass production, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and promoting green energy.

Other Biodegradable Materials

Biomass materials, such as plant matter and agricultural waste, are a sustainable and renewable source of energy. These materials can be converted into biofuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel, through processes such as fermentation and pyrolysis.

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Let’s leave a healthy, viable planet for generations to come


Shunaid Qureshi


Shunaid Qureshi is an experienced successful entrepreneur with several greenfield and brownfield projects to his credit, such as setting up a sugar mill and an ethanol distillery in Mirpur Khas.

Shayan Saleem


A dedicated and well-organized professional with expertise in Accounts, finance, investment, taxation, budgeting, and Corporate Compliance. Ability to use rational, logical reasoning and a flair for comprehending and assessing all aspects of a situation.



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